Dream World-{دنیایی رویایی}

سایتی بی نظیر برای آموزش

Dream World-{دنیایی رویایی}

سایتی بی نظیر برای آموزش

در ابتدای صفحه کلماتی هستند که می بایستی این کلمات رو از لحاظ معنا {هم انگلیسی و هم فارسی} یاد گرفته و سپس به سراغ متن بروید. در پایین متن هم سعوالاتی  هستند که مربوط به متن می باشند. بنابرین به شما توصیه میکنم ابتدا کلمات رو یاد گرفته, متن رو خونده و به سعوال پاسخ دهید. این روش یکی از بهترین روش ها برای تقویت مهارت خواندن یا {Reading} میباشد. 


require: need = نیاز

stuffy: (infml)(of the nose) blocked so that breathing is difficult = گرفتگی بینی

available: (used about things) that you can get, buy, use, ect =  در دسترس

minor: not very big, serious, or important = کوچک

remedy: sth that makes you better when you are ill or in pain = درمان

solution: (action or way of finding) an answer to a problem,question,difficulty,ect = راه حل

antacid: a medicine that corrects or prevents acidity, esp in the stomach = داروی ضد ترشی (معده)

peppermint: a nature substance with a strong fresh flavor that is used in sweets and medicines = نعناع

In addition to: besides, as well as = علاوه بر _ بعلاوه

various: several different = متنوع

treatment: a method that is intended to cure an injury or illness = رفتار

lozenge: a candy that you suck if you have a cough or a sore throat = آبنبات سرفه یا گلو درد

gargel: wash your throat with a liquid = قرقره کردن

greatly: very much = خیلی زیاد

It Might Work for You

Very often, we have small medical problems that aren't serious enough to require a visit to the docter's office. We can often take care of problems such as sore throat, a stomachache, or a stuffy nose with over_the_counter medicines available on drugstore shelves. However, many people prefer to treat minor medical problems with home remedies. These solutions vary from country to country, from family to family, It's centainly easy to stop by a local drugstore and pick up a pack of lozenges. But some people prefer to make special dirnks, such as warm milk with honey, or lemon juse and honey. Other people like to gargle with warm salt water

It is possible to treat stoomachaches with antacids that are available at local drugstores, but many people first try drinking soda to settle their stomachs. Another more nature remedy is peppermint tea

In addtion to the various cold medicines available many people treat their colds by having a bowl of home_made chicken soup. Other like to drink hot water with lemon and honey before they go to bed

many books offer helpful suggestions for the treatment of minor medical problems at home and provide useful information about first aid procedure. Modern medicine has progressed greatly in the past few years, but there are still times when it's very convenient to rely on good old home remedies

Answer the following questions

Where can we buy over-the-counter medicines? 1

Are home remedies the same everywhere? 2

What is chicken soup good for? 3

What do many books suggest? 4

Why do some people drink hot water with lemon and honey? 5

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