Dream World-{دنیایی رویایی}

سایتی بی نظیر برای آموزش

Dream World-{دنیایی رویایی}

سایتی بی نظیر برای آموزش

در ابتدای صفحه کلماتی هستند که می بایستی این کلمات رو از لحاظ معنا {هم انگلیسی و هم فارسی} یاد گرفته و سپس به سراغ متن بروید. در پایین متن هم سعوالاتی  هستند که مربوط به متن می باشند. بنابرین به شما توصیه میکنم ابتدا کلمات رو یاد گرفته, متن رو خونده و به سعوال پاسخ دهید. این روش یکی از بهترین روش ها برای تقویت مهارت خواندن یا {Reading} میباشد. 


speech: a formal talk that you give to a group of people = سخنرانی  

educated: having learned a lot of things tخ a high standard = تحصیل کرده   
entertain: interest and amuse sb = سرگرم کردن    

instruct: teach sb a subject or skill = درس دادن    

inspire: give peopel a particlure feeling = الهام گرفتن

humor: { the ability to understand and enjoy} what is funny and makes people laugh = شوخ طبعی    

audience: the group of people who are watching or listening to play,concert,speech,etc= شنوندگان

emotions: a strog feeling such as love,anger,fear,etc = هیجانات و احساسات

 applause: the noise made by group of people clapping their hands and sometimes shouting to shoe their enjoyment = تشویق کردن

disaster: complete failure = فاجعه

impress: make sb feel admiration and respcet = تحت تاثیر قرار دادن

experience: the things that you have done the knowledge or skill that you get from seeing or doing sth = تجربه

sincerely: truly / really or honestly = صادقانه , خالصانه

How to Give a Successful Public Speech

Many well-educated people never speak in public. But anyone who can speak well in private conversation can learn to give a good public speech. Just remember three things : instruct, entertain and inspire

When you instruct, speak briefly, slowly, and clearly. Don't speak too long. and don't speak too fast.Try to speak cleary and present ideas simply with good examples. use humor whenever possible. Know about your audience and touch their emotions

I give my first public speech fifteen years ago. I wanted to impress my audience so I told them a lot of facts. I used big words and long sentences. I spoke quickly and seriously, and I didn't use any humor. My speech was a disaster

The next time I spoke, a friend helped me prepare my speech. This time I spoke much more slowly and clearly. I focused on the three ideas and gave losts of examples. I added humor and I spoke more sincerely and more emotionally. I included personal experiences and I used simple words. The applause was long and loud. when I sat down, I felt good. The audience gave me their time, and I gave them a speech to remember

Answer the following question

 Are all well-educated people good speaker? 1

Who learn to give a good public speech? 2

What are the three points we should remember when we give speech? 3

 How was the writer's first speech? 4

Who help him the second time? 5

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