Dream World-{دنیایی رویایی}

سایتی بی نظیر برای آموزش

Dream World-{دنیایی رویایی}

سایتی بی نظیر برای آموزش

در ابتدای صفحه کلماتی هستند که می بایستی این کلمات رو از لحاظ معنا {هم انگلیسی و هم فارسی} یاد گرفته و سپس به سراغ متن بروید. در پایین متن هم سعوالاتی  هستند که مربوط به متن می باشند. بنابرین به شما توصیه میکنم ابتدا کلمات رو یاد گرفته, متن رو خونده و به سعوال پاسخ دهید. این روش یکی از بهترین روش ها برای تقویت مهارت خواندن یا {Reading} میباشد. 


conserve: avoid wasting sth_save = ذخیره کردن

natural: existing in nature and not produced or caused by people = طبیعی

resource: things such as trees and oil that exist in nature and can be used by people = منابع

decade: a period of ten years = یک دهه

united nations,the: an international organization that encourages countries to work together in order to solve world problems such as war and disease = سازمان ملل متحد

environment,the: the natural world, e.g. land,air,water, ect in which people,animals and plants live = محیط زیست

population: the number of people who live in a place = جمیعت

petroleum: oil which is found under the surface of the earth or under the seabed = نفت

distribution: the way that sth exists over a particular area = توزیع

petrochemical: a chemical substance obtained from petroleum or natural gas = پتروشیمی

soil: the top covering of the earth in which plants grow = خاک

insect: a very small animal that has six legs = حشره

destroy: damage sth so badly that it can no longer be used or no longer exists = نابود کردن

chemical: a substance used in or produced by chemistry = ماده شیمیایی

growth: increase in size,amount, or degree = رشد_ رشد کردن

use up: use sth until no more is left = مصرف کردن چیزی به طور کامل

organize: prepare or arrange an activity or event = آماده کردن_سازماندهی کردن

thousands of{exp}: a lot of = هزاران

pollute: make air,rivers, ect dirty and dangerous = آلوده کردن

Conserving the World's Natural Resources

In the decade of the 1970s, the united nations orgnized several important meetings on the human enviroment to study a very serious problem. We humans are destroying the world around us. We are using up all of our natural resources. We must learn to conserve them, or life will be vary bad for our children and our grandchildren. There are several major parts to this problem

Population. Most problems of the enviroment come from population growth. In the 1700 there were 625 million people in the world. In the 1900 there were 1.6 billion, in 1950 2.5 billion, in 1984 4.4 billion, and in the year 2000 about 6 billion. More people need more water, more food, more wood and more petroleum

Distribution. Scintists say there is enough water in the wrld for everyone, but some countrise have a lot of water and some have only a little. Some areas get all their rain during one season, and the rest of the year is dry

Petroleum. We are using up the world's petroleum. We use it in our cars and to heat our bulidings in winter. Farmers may use petrochemicals to make the soil rich. They may use them to kill insects that eat plants. These chemicals go into rivers and lakes and kill the fish there. Thousands of people also die from these chemicals every year. Chemicals also go into air and pollute it. Winds carry this polluted air to other countries

We now have the information and the ablilty to solve these huge problems. However, this is not a problem for one country or one area of the world. It is a problem for all humans. The people and the nations of the world must world must work together to conserve the world's resources. No one controls the future, but we all help make it

Answer the following question

What is a serious problem of the world? 1

What is happening yo our natural resources? 2

How may farmers make the soil rich? 3

What may kill the fish in the rivers and lakes? 4

Do we have the information and the ability to solve these problems? 5

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