Dream World-{دنیایی رویایی}

سایتی بی نظیر برای آموزش

Dream World-{دنیایی رویایی}

سایتی بی نظیر برای آموزش

در ابتدای صفحه کلماتی هستند که می بایستی این کلمات رو از لحاظ معنا {هم انگلیسی و هم فارسی} یاد گرفته و سپس به سراغ متن بروید. در پایین متن هم سعوالاتی  هستند که مربوط به متن می باشند. بنابرین به شما توصیه میکنم ابتدا کلمات رو یاد گرفته, متن رو خونده و به سعوال پاسخ دهید. این روش یکی از بهترین روش ها برای تقویت مهارت خواندن یا {Reading} میباشد. 


dry cleaner's: the shop where you take your clothes to be cleaned = خشک شویی

laundry: a place where clothes, ect are washed = ماشین لباس شویی

backyard: the whole area behind the house including the grass area and the garden = حیات پشتی

garbage: things that you do not want anymore_waste material = زباله

pet: an animal or bird that you keep in your home = حیوان خانگی

at the same time: used for saying that two or more things happen together = همزمان

Asking People to Do Things

When Henry Allen came home from the office last Thursday night, he saw a note from his wife on the kitchen table. The note said

Henry, my mother isn't feeling well, and I am going home to be with her for a few days. There are a few things that I'd like you to do while I'm away. First, take your blue coat to the dry cleaner's and leave your shirts at the laundry. At the same time, would you please stop at the shoe repairman's and get my brown shoes? Then go to supermarket and get some coffee,milk and butter. When you get home, please telephone Mary Bickford and tell her I won't be able to go to her party tomorrow evening. Tell her why I can't do that. There are two more things that I'd like you to do before you go to work tomorrow morning: Put the garbage out in the backyard and give the dog something to eat. If you have time on saturday, cut the grass. Don't forget the grass in the backyard. The newspaper boy will come on Saturday afternoon. Be sure to give him some money. I think that's all. I will telephone this evening and let you know how mother is



Henry looked out the window at the grass Alice wanted him to cut. his wife had asked him to do many things. He hoped her mother would be well vary quickly

Answer the folloing questions

What did Henry find on the kitchen table? 1

Where did Alice go? why? 2

What was the first thing Alice wanted Henry to do? 3

Why did Henry have to telephone Mary? 4

What did Alice ask Henry to do on Saturday if he had time? 5

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